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Kokoda Track Perth – A nice walk at King’s Park

Today’s temperature was 22 deg, what a waste if I stayed indoors. So after the gym, I decided to take a walk to the Kokoda Track Memorial walk which is situated at King’s Park.

It took me about 5-10 minutes of walking before I reached the start of the trail. It’s actually more of a climb up then a walk but stair climbing is quite a challenge if you don’t know already.

*there is no access to pram or wheelchairs on this walk




walking towards kokoda track – along Mount’s Bay Road


The Kokoda Track Memorial Walk is a tribute to the bravery of Australian troops who fought through atrocious conditions and against vastly superior numbers in the Papua New Guinea campaign of July 1942 – January 1943.





taken from website: The Kokoda Walk begins at Kennedy Fountain on Mounts Bay Road with a climb of 150 steep steps (with a vertical rise of 62 metres). Follow the plaques along the steps to the State War Memorial where the track ends, just north of the cenotaph.

start of kokoda trail memorial walk

Start of the track



One of the plaques along the way.


Slopes and stairs lead up this way – lady for scale


It’s a fairly easy walk if you take your time. Fitness enthusiasts like to use this for training and can often be seen running up and down. It’s a quieter option if you think Jacob’s Ladder is too crowded.

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stairs and more stairs




Glad that it was a quiet day today, go about 3-4pm during weekdays to beat the crowd.


A resting spot if your legs get tired…


Your reward:  a pleasant view from the top


Looking back at the trail


Random green plants along the way



The original track


At the top, on the right is the State War Memorial and the visitor centre


To the left: this path leads to the Law walk and the Lotterywest FederationWalkway ( a lovely suspended bridge walk)


I chose to go right as it was the way home, stopping to take some photos, one of which was this panoramic view of the Swan River




This were called Palm trees, geddit?


Some pretty flowers



Love that Spring is here. I can’t wait to explore more walks and write about them here.

Any walks to recommend in Perth? What’s your favorite place to walk?


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2 thoughts on “Kokoda Track Perth – A nice walk at King’s Park”

  1. nwstbz says:

    Simply amazing photos with a nice temperature for you to have a walk at kokoda track =)
    It does sure makes a good running area as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    loved to read your post, would like to know how long it took for you to climb up and down?

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