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Nuun Review

Review of: Nuun
Nuun Active , Lemon lime flavor

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On September 19, 2015
Last modified:September 19, 2015


I give it about 3.5 stars for taste, convenience and low sugar content. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it though, only when I really need a sports drink.

Your throat is parched after an intense workout. What do you drink?

For some, chocolate milk is a good option , for others, maybe a sports drink. Enter Nuun, electrolyte enhanced drink tablets that is set to quench your thirst.


Now this is not a paid review, I just happen to like sharing my thoughts on sports and fitness related stuff that I buy as I hope they might come in handy to someone out there. I like writing as well so this is a good way for me to practise my penmanship.

Back to Nuun, according to their website, it has


no added sugars

without added sugars your body gets what it needs efficiently, and you can choose your fuel sources based on your personal preferences and needs

effervescent technology

nuun tablets’ effervescent technology causes you to start absorbing the electrolytes and fluids the moment they enter your body for fast-acting hydration

electrolyte contents

electrolytes help your body make the most of the water you drink by sending it to your brain, muscles, and into your bloodstream more quickly and utilizing it more efficiently


It has a huge range of products that Nuun active, Nuun energy, plus for nuun, nuun all day, etc

If you ask me it’s all rather confusing and the one I tried was simply Nuun Active, lemon+lime flavor




Here’s what I thought of it:


Refreshing but best drunk cold of course. Citrusy taste was subtle but good enough for me to like it.


I guess it would be pretty easy to stash one tube in your gym bag or prepare one in advance. That way you wouldn’t have to go to a supermarket to get something to drink and you have the option of not using it if you decide water is what you prefer after your workout


Not sure about the results, I definitely don’t feel thirsty after downing my nuun drink but I can’t tell if my exercise was intense enough for it to make a difference, know what I’m saying?

PRICE for 12 tabs:

iherb – AU 6.94

nuun australia website – AU 44.95 (pack of 4) AU11.95 RRP for one tube

Ebay – price varies too much

I have check other au fitness supplements stores and found that iherb sells them the cheapest.

Honestly, it’s a pretty good price at about 0.60cts per tab. Much cheaper than a standard sports drink.


What do you drink after a workout? Let me know 🙂

Thanks for reading! 

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