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Bondi to Coogee Walk

Hey guys, how has 2016 been treating you? Time really flies doesn’t it? It’s already almost February! It’s been a pretty good start for me, I have made a few awesome new friends which I am really excited about. I can already sense that 2016 will continue to be a great year.

One of the goals set for this year is self-reflection which is to continue the never ending journey to better and know myself. Another goal is to blog more often which was something I neglected deeply the past 2 years. What are some things you are going to focus on this year?

So this is my first post of 2016! The Bondi to Coogee walk. In December, I went to Sydney to visit Sam as he is interning there at the moment for three months. It was Christmas week and I thought it would be a good break to get out of Perth and also spend Christmas exploring Sydney with him.


Bondi Beach from lookout point

We went on this walk which came highly recommended and true enough, here I am recommending it to you.

So if you ever visit Syndey, mark Bondi to Coogee walk down as a must do item on your list.

We all know the famous Bondi beach, it even has a show called Bondi Beach rescue which is quite entertaining to watch. The walk starts from Bondi to Coogee or you could do it the other way round which was what we did as we wanted to end our walk in Bondi so we could grab a bite and then take the train back. If you start at Coogee, you would prob have to bus it back to Bondi as there are no train stations at Coogee.

The Walk

All in all it takes about 6km and if you stroll leisurely with a few dips every now and then at the various beaches on the way, it probably will take you a couple of hours.


Coogee Beach

We started from here. There is also a ladies only beach not far from here which I ventured into. It was fenced up so you couldn’t see from the outside and when I went it, let’s just say it’s a really liberating place where you can hang loose if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we took a dip at this lovely bathpool before continuing on.



The weather was really good to us that day, not too hot with nice breezes at times. Each time it got too hot, the water would cool us down.



 Reached the other side of Coogee..


Aptly named



One of the beaches along the way


It really looked more like a toxic sludge kinda green in real life





Wished I took more photos along the way but then I wouldn’t have appreciated the walk as much. Finally this was Bondi beach in sight!



Travelling with your best friend is always a good idea


A few of my favourite shots, the swim club at Bondi. Not sure if the water is chlorinated but am sure the waves from the sea do get in.



It was truly one of the nicest and scenic walks I have been in a while and I wished I had more time in Sydney to go for others but that leaves an opportunity for the next time!

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