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I like my job as a large part of it involves writing.

View my professional website here for writing and consulting services 

So much so that in my spare time, I continue doing what I do for a living.

Check out some of my articles here (most of them are health and fitness):

Run Society 

5 Ways Bikram Yoga Helps You Run Better

5 Great Post Workout Foods

Ladies, Here’s What To Look Out For When Choosing Your Workout Attire

Optimise Your Runs, Eat Well Balanced Meals

 5 Unique Marathons to Run in Your Lifetime 

5 Health Benefits of Bikram Yoga

5 Healthy Local Food Choices

5 Ways To Cut Sugar From Your Diet

I have also collaborated with well known brands such as Nike, done reviews for leading sports apparel and health supplements. Click here to know how we can work together.

*My list of work is updated on my professional portfolio, these are just a few examples of my writing work.

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