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My 3 Day Detox Plan

I recently did a 3 Day Detox Plan as I had been eating too much of late. I blame it on the unavoidable year-end revelry that always consists of too much fatty delicious food and bad judgment. I felt that I had to rid my body of the sluggish and heavy feeling that was encamping especially…

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Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 3

Made it through Day 3 of my three day detox plan , Hurrah! Read about Day 1 here Read about Day 2 here   As I was going back to work today, I knew I would be hungry. So, I made myself an extra-large cup of orange, grapefruit and lemon juice. It perked me up straightaway…

Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my three day detox plan. Basically, I am going to have the same thing. Read about Day 1 here. Don’t wanna rack my brains to come up with some fancy juice concoction. Just gonna use what I have in my fridge which are .. Day 2 recap: My sweet friend was…

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Christmas Aftermath – My Three Day Detox Plan – Day 1

I don’t think I can stomach anymore meat for the next few days and technically there are 12 days of Christmas!  If you have been busy merry making like me and have been feasting on obscene amounts of ridiculously fantastic tasting food then read on.  I don’t know how you feel but I realise that…


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