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The Last Week of Feb 2014

This week has been pretty good with eating right and working out. I have more time than ever on my hands so am making the most while I can right now because March and April is going to be super busy for me. So this is my workout log for the week: Mon  – Did…


How EMS Benefits You and Me

Ever since I began my sessions with EMS (wanted to try out how it works), I got a few questions from friends and readers asking for more info so here goes: This post is quite lengthy on EMS benefits so I will try to structure it so that it won’t wear your brains out. WHO…

Why it’s Good to Go For Metabolic Testing to Get the Best Results in your Training

So this week, the kind folks at Powerzeit conducted a metabolic test for me which is pretty useful as it measures your metabolic DNA and you can use the data to achieve your fitness goals faster and better. Be it losing weight, maintaining your fitness level or training specifically for a competition (eg: 5km or 42km among others),…


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