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EMS Singapore – Cardio and Strength Endurance Training in 20 min – 12-19 Jan 2014

This week was a good week. Went for my EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) session where I focused on the following: 1. Cardio training combined with strength-endurance. 2. Core – static and dynamic floor exercises for my abs and lower back muscles. Split into two sessions, I did the first session on a cross trainer where…

Why it’s Good to Go For Metabolic Testing to Get the Best Results in your Training

So this week, the kind folks at Powerzeit conducted a metabolic test for me which is pretty useful as it measures your metabolic DNA and you can use the data to achieve your fitness goals faster and better. Be it losing weight, maintaining your fitness level or training specifically for a competition (eg: 5km or 42km among others),…


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