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fitness motivation posters

Monday Motivation – 11 Mar 2013 Fitness Motivation Posters

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already the second week of March and almost into the second quarter of 2013. Remember how when you were a kid, time seems to be at a standstill forever? Then it starts to whizz past when after the age of 25.  Anyway, how has the New…

5 things the Olympics make me feel

I’ve got an itch to scratch. Literally. It’s an irritating moquito bite on the bottom of my feet. At least I can scratch it. Why it bit me there I will never know, it’s not exactly the juiciest part if you know what I mean. That brings me to the olympics.   While on the…

running guide infograph

A very informative running infograph

A great running infograph I came across: It explains what it’s all about!   Thanks for reading offshewent, health and fitness blog Singapore If you enjoyed it, kindly do share your thoughts by leaving a comment.  If you like to get the latest updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feed by entering your email address…


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