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Chinese New Year aftermath – Getting Back in Shape

This week, I finally went back to work after quite a lengthy break off ( around two weeks, see previous post). So much catching up to do, gosh! But being busy can be a good thing but only if you are doing what you love. Next week, I will be going through a major change…


EMS Singapore – Cardio and Strength Endurance Training in 20 min – 12-19 Jan 2014

This week was a good week. Went for my EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) session where I focused on the following: 1. Cardio training combined with strength-endurance. 2. Core – static and dynamic floor exercises for my abs and lower back muscles. Split into two sessions, I did the first session on a cross trainer where…

7 Minute Workout – All You Need to Get Fit?

This is the Seven Minute Workout that has gotten much publicity online in the recent months. From Huffington Post to the New York Times, it is based on the science that doing a high intensity circuit training using your body, can result in maximum gains with minimal time investment. (read the science here)  Sounds awesome….

10 Ways on How to Stay Fit at the Office

Humans weren’t made to sit down, we were made to be active! At least that is how I feel. Hands are for doing, legs are for walking, just as the eyes are for seeing and the ears for hearing. Each one has a natural function and when we think of  an image of the human…

Perfect Pairings in Fitness and Health

Just the other day, I was with a friend who was pumping petrol at Shell and this promotion that they had caught my eye. Called the perfect pair, customers can stand to win anything from a year’s supply of Shell petrol, vouchers, handwash or even Meiji fresh milk! All they had to do was to spend…

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Monday Motivation – 11 Mar 2013 Fitness Motivation Posters

Wow, I can’t believe how fast time flies! It’s already the second week of March and almost into the second quarter of 2013. Remember how when you were a kid, time seems to be at a standstill forever? Then it starts to whizz past when after the age of 25.  Anyway, how has the New…

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Magic March

I don’t like to call them challenges but rather goals or targets. Challenge sounds really intimidating and hostile.  For February, I actually sought to take a photo everyday.(read why “challenging” yourself is good for you) I think I might have missed one or two days but made up for it by snapping more the next….

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Why I Stand at Work – Benefits of A Standing Desk

It just so happened that the Sunday Times published an article on standing at work  Click image to read (zoomable) This couldn’t come at a better time. I enjoyed reading the article immensely as it conveyed what I felt. That standing at work increases productivity by stimulating creativity, improves posture and promotes a healthy lifestyle…

Which Yoga Should I Choose

Although I am a huge fan of Bikram Yoga, I realise that not many people share the same enthusiasm when it comes to sweating bucket loads in the hot room. Some prefer the more gentle Hatha Yoga or other forms of Yoga which include Ashtanga and many others. Personally, I have not done many other…


The 12 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge

Came across this Christmas Fitness challenge from Tribesports that will get you from fat to fit in no time.   Here are the rules: 1st Day of fitness: 1 minute plank 2nd Day of fitness: 2 minute wall squat 3rd Day of fitness: 3 minute bridge 4th Day of fitness: 4 burpees 5th Day of…


Brisk walking is MORE tiring than running

I rest my case! Jogging is LESS tiring than walking! No wonder my calves were aching after I briskwalked a 5k the other day. I wanted to break into a run every now and then but my injury wouldn’t allow me to do so, hence I walked. and walked. As fast as I could. I…

Why you should cut down on red meat

With so much negativity in the media concerning red meat, it might be a good idea to cut down on red meat. “But I love my meat!” Some of you might say or exclaim in protest. Me too. Every birthday of mine for a while now, I eat a big fat cut of juicy steak…


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