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Raw Dessert – Carrot Orange Slice – Low Calorie and No Bake

Finally after much procrastination and a slow 2016. Here’s my first post for 2017. I hope to be more regular in updating this site but I say that every year haha. Anyway, I found this raw dessert carrot cupcake recipe from One Green Planet (original recipe here) and modified it because I didn’t have a…

Healthy Oat Muffins – No Butter or Oil!

Bored one day at home and I chanced upon Tiphero’s baking oatmeal video (Check it out here) and decided to give it a shot though I did tweak it a bit because I didn’t have any apple sauce on hand and I wanted to make a smaller batch to test the recipe out first lest I…

Healthy No Sugar, No Butter Banana and Date Cake

I love baking! A lot. But I also like to eat healthy so sometimes I am in a dilemma because as much as I like baking pies, pastries, cakes and such, the healthy side of me chides me. So I compromise and have been experimenting on ways to bake healthier.  I mostly research on the net…


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