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14 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge at Bikram Yoga City Hall BYCH

How it started? *please note that I was not sponsored or approached to do a review or anything,I paid for my sessions out of my own pocket and am just simply sharing my experience 🙂 I stopped practising Bikram Yoga for about 3 months as my package had ended but I was having neck and back…

Benefits of Bikram Yoga – Posture 3 ( Utkatasana or Awkward Pose)

The third pose of Bikram Yoga, it requires a lot of balance really and its pretty funny when you can hear knees creaking when everyone is slowing going moving down while trying to balance.   Benefits of this pose: tones and shapes your legs heals chronically cold feet helps relieve rheumatism and arthritis in the…

Benefits of Bikram yoga – posture 1 (Standing Deep Breathing Pranayama)

from  This is the first posture of Bikram yoga. It is called the standing deep breathing / Pranayama posture. If you think that it is quite a mouthful saying it, wait till you come to the other postures. It is the first breathing exercise of which the second one will be done at the…


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