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Interview with Women and Sports

Pleasantly surprised when women and sports online magazine called me up and said they wanted to do and interview to inspire more peeps to climb mountains. Here’s a snapshot. For the full interview, click here   The interview was on mountain climbing, something that I love to do as well ūüôā

Climbing Bluff Knoll _ WA’s 3rd Highest Peak

I recently came back from a road trip in Western Australia, and while there, I climbed Bluff Knoll which (according to Wiki) is¬†a peak in the¬†Stirling Range¬†in the¬†south-west¬†of¬†Western Australia¬†(WA). It is 1,099 metres (3,606¬†ft) above sea level,and is one of only a few places to experience regular snowfalls in Western Australia, with some snow reported…

The climb up Mount Brinchang Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

The climb up Mount Brinchang Cameron Highlands, Malaysia At 6666 ft or 2031 m high, Mount Brinchang is the tallest mountain in Cameron Highlands. You can see it almost from anywhere in Cameron Highlands with its distinctable Telecommunication tower at the top. There are two ways to get to Gunung Brinchang; one is by a…

Climbing Kota Kinabalu, South East Asia’s Highest Peak

  Looking through old photos and came across my climb up Kota Kinabalu a few years ago. Pain is temporary, pride is forever.¬† This sentiment just about sums up the thought of me and my two companions. We were feeling exhausted but ecstatic. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the first ray of light to come…


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