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Meet Sandy – Pint Sized Dynamite!

I got to know Sandy through instagram and think that she is one helluva inspiration to people who want to get healthy and fit out there. Her ig page is really encouraging and what I learnt is that only you can change yourself, no one else can do it for you! ¬†Edit Sandy – Before…

Meet Charmaine – Dove Girl on the Go

Kick starting off my new category of inspirational people on their health and fitness journey is my bestie Charmaine Lee, who also happens to be one of the girls on the Dove campaign for hair (see more here). Anyway, she had a health scare (see more here) that made her take health and fitness seriously….


Would love to hear from you guys! Am compiling a new category featuring people from all across the globe in their journey to be fit or if you think a friend deserves a mention, that’s great too. What I need: Your favourite fit photo (preferably doing sports, others are fine as well) Before and after…


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