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Standard Chartered Marathon Registration 2013

Hey guys, have you signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon 2013? Lots of peeps did already! Check out the huge turnout as reported on Today online. If you are new to running events in Singapore, this is the mother of all the races. The number of participants are huge and it is an IAAF Road…

How I ran this year’s Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore

Just completed the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 Singapore yesterday. Really have to thank God for no cramps and great weather. I almost didn’t run the race as I did not train for this at all. Since May, I had  a very bad leg injury that hampered my running throughout the months leading up to the run….

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 – race pack collection

This year’s race pack collection is at the expo. A bit out of the way if you ask me compared to last year’s on at MBS. Lucky for me, my friend collected it on my behalf. Anyway, this is a quick post on the race pack. Not entirely impressed this year, lesser things if you…

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Running in November

Not too long ago, I participated in the Great Eastern Run for Women in the 10km. Felt quite satisfied with my result despite an injury. In two weeks time, the Standard Chartered Marathon will be taking place and I know that I am not at all ready to run it. There goes bettering my timing…

Signing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012

  picture from Gonna sign up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012. Not too sure if I can run it as well as last year though. Such a disappointment as I told myself I would better my timing this year. But because of lots of factors, chances are really slim. Just gonna try…


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