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running guide infograph

A very informative running infograph

A great running infograph I came across: It explains what it’s all about!   Thanks for reading offshewent, health and fitness blog Singapore If you enjoyed it, kindly do share your thoughts by leaving a comment.  If you like to get the latest updates, you can subscribe to the RSS feed by entering your email address…

Signing up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012

  picture from Gonna sign up for the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012. Not too sure if I can run it as well as last year though. Such a disappointment as I told myself I would better my timing this year. But because of lots of factors, chances are really slim. Just gonna try…

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Eat clean, train dirty

Saw this while surfing online.  Totally want this tee shirt. I wonder if they have it in ladies size? I think what it says is short and true. Pretty impactful. Eat clean, train dirty.  That’s what I’ll do for the next few weeks. 


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